Leah’s photoshoot

January 21, 2009

In the past two days or so, I think both my mom and my mother-in-law have implied that I’m not taking enough pictures of Leah. Which I agree with. I took so much more of Raleigh because everything was so new to me.

And this time, with Raleigh also, it’s more difficult to find time to blog or take pictures. But today, I took some time to have a little photo shoot with Leah while Josh and Raleigh were at the YMCA.
Above: Leah’s feet and long toes.
Below: Leah in the cute knitted jacket that her Grandma Deb made her.

Above: Leah in her cute girly outfit. I think the shirt is from Chelsea and the pants and socks from her Grandma Deb.
Below: Leah grabbed hold of my hair during our photoshoot. Not sure how much longer I can keep this length of hair.

Above: Adorable close-up of my little girl. ( I’ve been told that everyone likes pictures of her with her eyes open)

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