What a fun weekend!

February 9, 2009

We had a great visit from my parents last weekend. The photos in this post showcase the weekend. My best friend, Jamie, was visiting also, but I didn’t get any pictures with her. Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of pics with her when she moves up her this June/July.

Raleigh and Leah enjoying quality quiet time with Grandpa Dave. Grandpa Dave was holding Leah…. and Raleigh piled up all of these blankets and pillows on top of him and then climbed up to join Leah.

Raleigh enjoyed laying down with Grandpa on the couch.

And of course, a close-up of Leah.

We were glad that Copper got to visit with us also. I’m so happy that she is such a good dog for my parents. She is also extremely photogenic, so… I obvioiusly took advantage.

Below is a close-up picture of Leah sleeping on her Grandma Wanda’s chest. She spent so much time sleeping on people this weekend, that she didn’t really want to sleep in her crib much on Saturday night. I think I got 2 1/2 hours of sleep.

Last week, Josh and I purchased 4 light fixtures so that my dad could install them this weekend. He did and they look great! I’ll show you pictures of before and after in a later post.
Raleigh (below) is admiring his Grandpa working on the light fixture in his bedroom. (Funny side story… I asked Dad if he needed to flip off the breakers for the rooms that he would be working in, he said, “nope, we’ll just ensure that the light switch is off and be sure nobody turns it on while I’m working on the light.” …. Well, my dad was working on the light in my and Josh’s room when it was almost too dark out to work on it, and Raleigh thought that his Grandpa needed some light to work in, so he brought his small blue chair into my room and flipped the switch on and ultimately shocked his Grandpa. We all laughed about it later. Dad says it was nothing, but we’re glad he was OK.

Raleigh (below) was having fun putting my Uggs on. He looks so cute clunking around the house wearing my Uggs. BTW, this wouldn’t have been possible without Grandma Jan gifting me these Uggs because they didn’t fit her…Thanks Grandma Jan!

Before that, he was wearing Josh’s shoes but he was having a harder time walking in Josh’s size 13 shoes.

Laundry is so different now. I have to sort in sets of blue and pink basically. 🙂


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