Works in progress

February 12, 2009

Not sure if you’re aware of this, but I have been quilting for the past two years in some way, shape, or form.

It started with the T-Shirt Quilt that I have almost finished. See this post for a reminder. Since then, I’ve been working on more quilts. I still have yet to finish one of them. Yikes, I hope this isn’t a pattern.

Anyway, the picture below is a close-up of the fabric in a quilt that I’m making for Raleigh. I only have the top and bottom borders to attach and then I need to find some backing for the quilt.

And here is a larger picture of it.

And this quilt, pictured below is a quilt that I have been working on for almost a whole year now. Just last night, at Chelsea’s, and with her help, I’ve finished piecing the top of the quilt together. Now, I need to purchase some batting and I need to take it in to get quilted. To understand how big this quilt is…the bed underneath it is a queen size bed.

Below is a picture of some of the pieces of the quilt yesterday before I went to Chelsea’s.


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