Tough love

February 17, 2009

So, as Raleigh is a toddler, it goes to say that he might sometimes have his tantrums. This was the face of his tantrum on Monday night when we wouldn’t let him take all of his trains with us to the restaurant.

We find it very difficult to say no when he acts like his world is ending, but we put on brave faces and we stick to our guns. No matter how hard it may be. We do this because we love him and we want to be consistent parents who aren’t afraid to discipline or stick to the rules that we set. We need to be the rulers of this household…we shouldn’t be ruled by our children. It will be better for them in the end if we are consistent with our discipline and if we consistently do what we say we’re going to do and if we love them unconditionally.

Alright, enough of Parenting 101 by Shyla. Let’s look at Leah in one of the outfits that her Grandma Deb knit for her.

Some day, our precious daughter will throw tantrums just like her older brother and it will be just as hard to say no to her as it is for us to say no to Raleigh.

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