Smiling baby!

February 23, 2009

Not yet two months old and already smiling 🙂 Yay. The first few months are very hard because new babies just take and take and takes some more, and they don’t give much back…that is until they start smiling. I found the first few months with Raleigh very very difficult. I was tired all the time and I felt horrible about my body and I just saw no end to it.

But when Raleigh smiled for the first time, all of that worry went away. I haven’t felt the same with Leah, mostly because I’ve already been through this and I know that there is an end to the take take take. Ok, well, there isn’t an end to the take take take but there is a “give” to look forward to. And Leah has been giving quite a bit lately. She’s even already cooed at me too.

We finally caught her smiling in a photo. Josh was whistling her a tune and she was just smiling so big at him.

And other times, she is just stoic. Just content to be dressed pretty and chillin’.

And look at this adorable cherry hoodie. Gifted to Leah by my friend and coworker Tammy. It is supposed to be sized for a 6 month old baby, but I couldn’t wait. So, I rolled up the sleeves and put it on her anyway. I’m so sneaky 🙂

Josh looks all cute and smiley here, but Leah seems to resemble the late King of Rock and Roll.


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