Oh what fun!

March 2, 2009

Leah is smiling more and more every day. We can almost always get her to coo and smile on command by staring into her eyes and smiling at her. It is quite entertaining.

Raleigh and I cleaned and rearranged hisroom yesterday. We placed his train table more in the middle of the room for easier access. After we cleaned and rearranged, I put together a track for him and he promptly put almost all of his trains on the track.

Today, Raleigh was introduced to the wonders of the Jello Pudding Pop. I was eating one when Raleigh walked in the room and I said (like a 5 year old)… “Oh Raleigh, loooook at what I’ve got.” And then I began waving the pudding pop around so as to tempt him.

Once Raleigh saw what I had, he came to a screeching halt and said, “ohhhhhhhhhhh,” with a big smile on his face. He was able to finish the rest of my pudding pop.


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