Focusing on my first child…

March 13, 2009

ugghhhhh! When is winter going to end? A blizzard dropped a whole heap of snow on us this past week. And Raleigh can only tear up the house so much. I think that he, and us, are ready for him to play outside again.

We’re trying to come up with more crafty things to do indoors, so that he’s kept busy with something to do.

We played with playdoh the other day.

Ok, I played with playdoh while Edward the train (#2) pretended to be Gordon the train (#4) while carrying blobs of playdoh around the table.

I keep thinking/hoping that Raleigh will start to show interest in other non-train toys. But there is no sign of that. Raleigh, it seems right now, would be a perfectly content little boy if he had his trains, his blankets (yellow, light yellow, blue, pink, and dark pink), and some Kix. Yup, the “Kid tested, mother approved” kind. Here’s a news flash, I’m no longer “Mother Approving” the Kix. I want him to eat eggs and bacon and potatoes and oatmeal again.
Every morning he wakes up and says three things.
1. “Good mornin’, Good mornin”
2. “Water, Mommy?”
3. “Kix, Mommy?”

Ok, well, the other day he did eat some waffles with syrup, but that’s not any better thank Kix. He is getting better with a fork though.

The other day, he just had to try on Leah’s hat.

Grandma Deb brought some bubbles with her when she visited last. Raleigh kept asking if “Blow bubbles on Gordon?”. When I would only blow bubbles in the air, he tried to catch them on Gordon.

Then, the other day, Raleigh emerged from his Bedroom holding my phone, with it flipped open, and he said.
“I’m talking to Gramma.”
Luckily, he hadn’t actually called anyone, or ordered any new ring tones before I got the phone away from him.
Then we actually did call his Grandma Deb and during their conversation, Raleigh did this to the phone and said.
“I’m hugging Gramma.”

Too Cute!


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