Back from Jordan

March 20, 2009

We just returned yesterday from a trip to visit my in-laws. It was our first big trip with Leah, and she did very well on the long journey. She woke up twice to feed and be changed on the way there, and she woke up only once on the trip back.

We were in a hurry to get back because Leah had her 2 month doctor check-up. She weighs 11 lbs 4 oz now and she is a bit longer than 22 inches. She is only in the 10th percentile for head circumference, but the doctor wasn’t worried at all.

One of the reasons that we made the trip to Jordan, was because my MIL had back surgery recently and we wanted to be there to help support and cheer her up after surgery. Her surgery went very well and now she is using a back brace and a walker when she gets around the house. You can see that Raleigh enjoyed the walker.

Raleigh also had a big suprise waiting for him. His very own Big Wheel.

Here’s a pic of Grandma Steve holding Leah. I took two pictures of the two of them. In one picture, Leah looked good and Steve was caught off guard. In the other picture, Leah was caught off guard but Steve looked good. Can you tell which picture I chose?

I’ll have more pictures and stories to post of this trip later.


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