How do you make your soda pop?

March 21, 2009

So, the hubby and I are really into making things ourselves these days. We’ve started to make our own bread daily, and we’re now attempting to make Ginger Ale and bottle it ourselves. I’ll take pictures of the process another time, if this one is successful and I’ll share with everyone. Until then, you’ll have to be okay with more pictures of my children.

Jenna and Raleigh playing trains. In this picture, Jenna had hidden almost all of Raleigh’s trains under her sweatshirt and was saying “Where are your trains? Where did they go?”. And Raleigh just wanted to find Terrence the steam roller.

It’s not a trip to my IL’s without Grandpa Steve trying to teach Raleigh the Banjo. Raleigh wasn’t wearing pants because they kept falling off of him. All of his pants fit him really well when he wears cloth diapers, but when he is in disposables, they fall right off.

A great picture of Aunt Soni with Leah.

And a great picture of Leah’s Great-Grandma Sarah.

OMG! This was hilarious, and this picture just can’t capture that hilarity. I should have had the video camera. My FIL was reflecting light on the wall and both Nelly and Raleigh were trying to get it. This had my FIL in histerics.

And finally, Raleigh enjoying his bouncy thingy.


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