Red River Flooding

March 24, 2009

Every spring, the Fargo/Moorhead area deals with some level of flooding. This spring is different. We’re supposed to be dealing with not just “some level” of flooding but record flooding. And a few days ago, we were hit with the news that this record flooding was 2 weeks earlier than our city had predicted.

Volunteers have been showing up by the thousands to help create and distribute sandbags. It is times like this that it is fairly obvious how many great people we are surrounded with. Some businesses close up shop to recommend that employees help with the efforts, some businesses still pay employees even though they are out volunteering.

My mother even said that she knew of some people from her area (3 1/2 hours away from here) that are in the FM area to help with the sandbagging efforts.

Josh went out with his brother and two of our friends last night to sandbag and he’ll be out there again tonight.

Our house may not be at risk, but there are so many others whose houses are already flooding or at a severe risk of flooding.

Please keep all of the areas that are flooding or at risk of flooding in your prayers.

For pictures of some of the flooding and the effort to reduce the flooding, please visit

You can also read about this subject at


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