A proficient little stinker

March 29, 2009

The terrible two’s have struck us. In the past week, we’ve seen the following from Raleigh:

All out tantrums…on the floor flailing hands and legs all about

Complete refusal to take naps

Excessive and dangerous climbing attempts

He even managed to push a big TV down from his entertainment center in his room.

The TV incident nearly gave me a heart attack.  Raleigh was wearing red that day, and when I went into his room to investigate the noise, I saw the TV with a flash of something red under it. Raleigh was nowhere in sight and he was making no sound at all. He didn’t even say “uh-oh” when the TV fell. So, immediately, my brain imagined Raleigh under the TV crushed, knocked out, bloody. I’ve never felt so horrible in my whole life.

Raleigh, it turns out, was just as shocked as I was (hence the silence) and he was in the TV compartment of the entertainment center, in the place of the TV, which was why I didn’t see him right away.

Now, his TV has been removed. We also had to put is mattress on the floor, he started to climb on top of his toddler bed/crib rails. So, the crib is up in our room and we’re going to go Twin mattress shopping later next week when, hopefully, the flooding has subsided. Leah will get Raleigh’s crib mattress, and Raleigh will get a fabulous twin mattress on the floor until his climbing stage subsides a bit.

And we’ve been keeping our eyes on him a bit more lately.


Above: Raleigh attempting to reach for his big black train that we took away from him because he was throwing it.

Below: Raleigh attempting to reach for his awesome big crayons that stain everything and his paint. These are put high up because they need to be supervised activities. Notice Raleigh’s crib mattress on the floor. Before we did this, he was standing on the railing of his crib leaning up against the wall attempting to reach these things.



Above: Raleigh playing on the awesome track that I designed and put together for him. Seriously, there are endless possibilities when try to make train tracks on this train table.

Below: Leah found her thumb!



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