2009 Fargo Marathon

May 12, 2009

So, we did it. We being, my hubby, his older brother, and my sister-in-law.  We ran the 4 person Fargo Marathon relay event last Saturday.

I ran the first leg of the journey. Here is a fabulous pic of me after my run.


Here is a cute pic of Erika and Joel before the marathon started.


Below is a pic of Joel finishing his run and Josh on his way to intercept the anklet-chip-thingy. Hey, do you know the proper term? I don’t.

So, at this point, Joel has some mongo blisters on both feet. He would proceed to walk on the outside of his feed the rest of the day


Below is a pic of Josh finishing his run. At this point, Josh was wheezing a lot. He came down with a cold the Friday before the marathon.


And this is a picture of Erika, in the green top, crossing the finish line after her leg of the journey.


And here’s the best pic. All four of us, happy to have completed our marathon relay.



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