Share a Story

May 31, 2009


PBS  sponsored a “Share a Story” event here in town on Saturday and Raleigh got to meet two characters from one of the PBS Kids shows that he really likes.

Super Why is the guy in the cape and Princess Presto is the girl in the pink dress.


Leah got to chill in her stroller while Raleigh met the two characters. I had better pictures of Leah (not so close up) but this is the one she was smiling in.


I took the opportunity to get some pictures of Me and Josh holding Raleigh.

IMG_9033 IMG_9037

MSUM, a local university had their barrel train available for kids to ride in…So, obviously, Raleigh had to have a train ride.

IMG_9041  IMG_9055 Raleigh got to keep a polaroid of him, his Dad, Princess Presto and Super Why. When I asked him to pose with his picture, this is what he did.

IMG_9067 Then I asked him to turn it around so I could see it, and this is what he did. I don’t think he understood that I wanted to see his face too 🙂



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