Fargo’s Rib Fest

June 11, 2009

IMG_9213 My parents, brother, SIL and nephews all came to visit this past weekend and we had a blast.

Josh was in Aitkin, MN, recording music with his Dad while we were here in Fargo enjoying delicious ribs and our horribly out-of-the-normal cold weather.



The boys had fun playing together. Raleigh really attached himself to Tyler, so wherever Tyler was, Raleigh would most likely be there too.

IMG_9203  The boys enjoyed playing with Raleigh’s little video game bicycle.

And in the picture below you could see most of us ready to start the trek to the FargoDome from my house. It was only 10 blocks, but these weren’t normal blocks. We were all quite pooped on the way back and my nephew, Tyler, asked after each intersection, “How many more blocks?”


The Burley Cart was perfect for Raleigh and Sam and I think that they enjoyed the ride quite a bit. It was quite cold, so they had a blanket to cuddle up under.


We had to get a picture of all of the boys together too!


At Rib Fest, there were plenty of ribs and delicious foods, but you won’t see any pictures of those because I was too busy stuffing my face :) 

We ate:

  • Ribs
  • Deep fried Oreos
  • Swirly fried potato thingy
  • Roasted corn on the cob
  • Deep fried cheesecake

And there was this awesome playground set up in the Fargodome parking lot. So, the kids got to use up all of their fabulous energy on that thing.

IMG_9169 IMG_9186   


I think we’ll try to make it an annual event. The food was expensive but it was worth it. All I have to say is “Fried cheesecake”. Yum!


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