“Said Grandma”

June 13, 2009

This morning Raleigh said, “ ‘I pooped!’, said Grandma”.

Seriously, those words came out of Raleigh’s mouth this morning. 

I don’t really thinks he knows what it means to add “Said grandma” after his statement, but he knows that, when we read to him,  a “said” statement usually follows an exclamation of sorts.

Other said statements that I’ve heard him make over the past few weeks.

Hello, said Gordon

I’m hungry, said Percy

I want to go outside, said Dad


But as, you can see, the “I Pooped” statement takes the cake.

Below is a picture of Raleigh leaning in to give Copper a smooch.


And Leah, is showing us just like her mother she really is. Perfectly content at a computer.



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