Construction Means Photo Op

August 28, 2009

The entire city of Fargo seems to be under construction lately. You wouldn’t believe the incredible route that I need to take just to get to work and back!

A few streets in our neighborhood have been completely tore up for the last month and a half, and pretty soon, our street right off of our driveway will be redone as well. They will also be expanding our driveway, which means we’ll be able to easily pull both cars into the driveway without fancy maneuvering.

Anyway, we’ve had this big honking digger parked on our curb for a week and I thought it might be fun to take Raleigh’s picture with it.


After Raleigh’s photo op, he promptly decided to head but the marker that indicates where our new driveway will end.


And then, I thought it would be fun to get him to hug a tree so that I can take a picture. Well, I made such a big fuss out of it that, now, each time we go outside, he wants to hug all of the trees on our boulevard.

IMG_0779 And while we were taking all of these pictures, the Blue Angels were flying so close over our heads that our house shook. They weren’t picking on us specifically, they were actually entertaining people at Fargo’s annual air show.



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