Family visit

September 1, 2009

My Aunt Pam is visiting the Heartland for a few weeks and she and my mom were able to drive to Fargo to see us this past weekend.

Pam with Leah and the sit and spin.

Aunt Pam with Leah 

My brother Corey was able to drive to Fargo from Mott, ND, to see everyone. (It’s like a 5 hour drive, what a trooper!)


Like normal, when family visits our house…I cook lots of food. On Saturday, we had Steak and marinated chicken on the grill, with veggie kabobs, grilled potatoes, grilled cabbage, and homemade strawberry-rhubarb cheesecake.


Since the Tiki party (our wedding after-party 4 years ago), we’ve had these hula hoops living in our yard. My Mom decided to give one a whirl, literally.

First on her hips…


Then on her arm.


Leah had fun with Mom, Pam and her Uncle Corey.


Corey showed Raleigh his new golf driver that he bought from my uncle’s neighbor.


Overall, it was a great weekend!


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