The cruiser and the bruiser

September 5, 2009

Here’s a great picture of Leah’s 6 teeth. We keep expecting the other bottom two to start coming through…but nothing so far.

IMG_1034 (2)

Yes, she stood up on her own…well, with the help of the ottoman of course.



And Leah attempting to bite the fingers on Raleigh’s hand that are not in his mouth.


I like it when they play together, which has been happening more and more lately. I don’t like it when Raleigh attempts to manipulate Leah (picking her up, forcing her to crawl, or forcing a toy into her hands) but we’re working on that.


Leah has stopped being so shy in front of the camera and is actually smiling more often, which makes for cute pictures of course.


I see Josh in his eyes here.



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