“I’m sorry!”

September 15, 2009

Setup: Raleigh’s in his room, I’m feeding Leah at the computer and checking e-mail, my MIL is cooking broccoli cheese soup in the kitchen, Josh is learning to shave with a straight razor in the bathroom.

Suddenly: My ears perk up to hear Raleigh say “I’m sorry…I’m sorry”. When I look at him, I see him placing an empty container back on the spice rack.

I say, “Raleigh, what is that? What did you just do?”

Raleigh says, “I’m sorry. Can Sir Topham Hat drive through it?”

I look at the empty spice container, and ask him “Where did you put this Raleigh?”

He says, “In the trees.” and then heads into his bedroom. I follow him.

This is what I see.



Not sure where the trees were that he was referring to, but he spilled a whole container of Crushed Red Pepper onto his train tracks.


I tried to get him to pose with the container, this is the best picture I could get.


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