Reading and Playing

October 17, 2009

We’re lucky that both Raleigh and Leah seem interested in books. I hope it sticks with them. Josh is reading a book that Joel and Erika gave Raleigh as a present last winter. And yes, Raleigh is wearing Christmas pajamas in October. But in my defense, the radio station was playing the Little Drummer Boy the other day.


Leah is more into putting things in her mouth than Raleigh was. She puts everything in her mouth, especially paper. It is like she seeks it out! If there is paper on the ground, a book or anything that she can soak in saliva and then chew, she will find it.



Raleigh only poses for pictures if I con him into showing the camera something.


Without something in his hands to “show the camera”, this is how my pictures of him turn out lately.


We’ve had to be extra watchful of Raleigh lately, because he likes to drag Leah to any spot that he thinks she should be. Ughh.


We often hear him in his bedroom saying, “Come in here Leah, come in here!”


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