Your privates

February 5, 2010

This morning, before we got Raleigh fully dressed, I got distracted by something and had left Raleigh (3 yrs old) and Leah (1 yr old) in his room while I completed the task that distracted me.

All of the sudden, I hear “Leah don’t touch my peepee” coming from Raleigh’s room. I quickly get into the bedroom and ask, “What’s going on?”

Raleigh responds with “Leah wanted to touch my peepee”.  So then I decided now was a great time to talk to him about who CAN touch his private area and who should never touch his private area.  I told him that only Mommy and Daddy can touch him there and only when he needs to be cleaned up after using the potty and he shouldn’t let anyone else touch him in that area, including Leah.

Raleigh promptly says, “Ok, I won’t touch my peepee.”  And then I shook my head and said, “No, you can always touch your peepee when you go to the bathroom or when you’re not around other people. It’s your peepee. But no one else should touch it.”

After we had this conversation, I changed Leahs diaper, and Raleigh stayed to watch.  I said to Raleigh, “And this is Leah’s peepee and just like with your peepee, no one should ever touch Leah’s peepee.”

Raleigh then said, “but Leah doesn’t have a peepee.”  I corrected him by saying, “Yes, she does, but hers is different from yours.”  Then Raleigh became uninterested in me changing Leah’s diaper and started to play with his trains again.

I contemplated not writing about this incident on my blog, but then I thought better of it. There are a lot of children who are sexually abused every day and I think part of the reason for that is that we don’t talk to children enough about their bodies.

 If you read this post, and you haven’t talked to your children about their bodies yet, please have this discussion with your children soon. I trully believe that as soon as your child can identify their body parts, you should have this talk with them.  And not just once, but you should have this conversation with them whenever they ask quesitons about their body or whenever incidents like the one with my son and daughter today happen.

Remember that you should never make your child feel ashamed of their body. Doing so could impact their future relationships with the people they love in a harmful way. But not talking to them about their body could be equally harmful. Children who’s parents don’t talk to them about their body often learn about their body from TV or friends at school. The things that they learn from friends, TV shows and movies are often not accurate. 

Be sure that you are the one to talk to your children about their bodies. Don’t let someone else do it for you because you might be embarrased or uncomfortable to talk about this with your child. You never know what others might teach your children. It would be better for them to hear this from you.

This was a public service announcement from “Shyla”.  Normal, funny, and cute blog posts will resume after today. Thanks for reading!


7 Responses to “Your privates”

  1. Lanae Says:

    You’re so right Shyla! I always make sure to tell Rylan that no one should be touching his privates either. I hate that we need to have that conversation, but we need to keep our kiddos safe!

  2. Mary Says:

    I made a special spot for you on my favorites file.
    I think this blog site may be a lot easier to deal with. I like your picture– peaceful lake scene. Your “public service” post was well done.

  3. Mom Deb Says:

    What about Grandma’s and Grandpa’s, if we need to help R or L with their diaper change/potty cleanup?

  4. shyjosh Says:

    We’ll be sure to let Raleigh know that when Grandma and Grandpa help him go potty they can clean him up as well. Didn’t mean to exclude the grandparents! 🙂

  5. Sweet Mary Sunshine Says:

    We have these talks, too. Our girls call Grant’s “place where the potty comes out” his peanut. We quietly chuckle all the time, especially now that he goes on the potty chair more frequently.

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