New Blogging Schedule

February 9, 2010

Hi all,

Thank you for being patient while I get myself fully aquainted with WordPress. Now that I’m all settled in, I wanted to tell you about my new posting schedule.

From now on, I’ll only be posting twice a week. Tuesday and Friday will be my posting days. And don’t worry, this pathetic little post won’t be my Tuesday post this week. I plan to write up a cutesy post with kiddie pictures later tonight.

The reason for posting only two times a week is because I’m trying to plan my time better so that I can spend quality time with my kids and husband, I can get all of my chores done, and I can still be productive on important projects that I’m working on.  I’ve found that sometimes, I get so discouraged about all of the stuff that I want to get done and I’m usually not productive because I pacify myself with FaceBook or blog reading. I can simply get lost in the internet for hours on end if I don’t find a way to better schedule my time.

Here is my project schedule for myself:

Monday night I work on Raleigh’s photobook from his 1st year of life.

Tuesday night I blog

Wednesday night I work on Leah’s photobook from her 1st year of life.

Thursday night I sit down and write the novel that I’m working on right now.

Friday night I blog.

Saturday night I continue to write that novel that I’m working on. (The only exception to this is once a month when I spend an entire Saturday working on paper crafting projects)

Sunday night I work on paper crafts, knitting, or quilting.

Of course, each night I also read one or two chapters before bedtime. And most nights, Josh and I watch an episode of our favorite TV show at the time (Thanks to Netflix).

I really hope that sticking to this schedule will keep me more productive. Every now and then I’ll let you in on my progress.


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