Our little engineer

February 12, 2010

Not sure if you’ve noticed from my previous posts…Raleigh is addicted to fond of trains. He notices whenever we drive over train tracks, he can spot the tiniest train symbol on a piece of paper or in an advertisement, and he has almost all of the Thomas & Friend trains memorized by name and number.

In honor of Raleigh’s addiction to fondness for trains, I give you some of his train track masterpieces. Let’s start this post off with a picture of one of Raleigh’s first experiences with trains. We happened to be at Yunker Farm in Fargo, and Raleigh got to play with their trains and train table before he had a train table of his own. I believe, on this day, Raleigh threw a tantrum when we made him leave the train table.

yunker, summer 2008 013[3]

And, now to confuse you with a random timeline, here is one of Raleigh’s most recent tracks. He built this one himself.


Some of the following tracks were built with the help of me or Josh, but I can’t remember which ones and these are not in order of date taken.

005 (8)

 006 (7)




 017 (5)

025 (6) 


 Raleigh's Trains 001

Raleigh is pointing to Gordon’s # 4 here. We probably asked him, “Raleigh, what number is Gordon?” to which he probably responded, “4, Gordon is number 4.”

040 (2)

Sometimes, Raleigh lets the trains play with his play-doh.

Shyla's Camera 052  

And let’s not forget the red pepper incident.


And every once and a while, Raleigh will actually share his trains with Leah.



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