Interacting from afar

March 2, 2010

The last time that Josh and the kiddos visited his parents while I stayed home we communicated via Windows Live Messenger a few times. The image below is from one of those sessions.

Chatting with kids and hubby

This time around, we haven’t actually chatted online. Instead, I’ve been enjoying these mobile phone photos that mysteriously show up on my phone at random times.


Above: Raleigh is obviously enjoying his fort.

Below: Leah and Raleigh in a jumper together? Surely a concussion will ensue.

320373141637 320373115397

Above: Josh’s self portrait

Below: Raleigh wearing someone’s glasses. I hope he asked to wear them.


Below: My favorite, the blue bowl picture. Leah looks way too old in this picture.



One Response to “Interacting from afar”

  1. Lanae Says:

    Oh wow, in those glasses, Raleigh looks JUST like Josh! Adorable family Shyla!

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