Pick your color…kitchen

April 17, 2010

I’m starting to think about what colors we’ll be painting our new house. I’m starting with the kitchen and I’d like your input.  Hover over each image to see the color name associated with it, and please vote using the poll at the bottom of the post.


2 Responses to “Pick your color…kitchen”

  1. Steve T. Says:

    I like the red, but I think you might get weary of such a bold color after a while.

    I s that your actual kitchen? I am so excited for your family moving in to such a fine place. Won’t the space be like heaven?

    • shyjosh Says:

      Josh likes the red too but things it shouldn’t be so bright of a red. Yes, we are so very excited to move into our new house. It will be so different than what we currently have. I’ll send you some more pictures of the interior of the house.

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