Dinos and a Ferris Wheel

July 12, 2010

Our friends Robin and Ryan reminded us that the Red River Valley Fair was going on and then they gave us two free tickets. (Thanks guys!)

The best part was the dinosaur exhibit. Raleigh was a bit scared at first, but when we told him that they weren’t real and were just really fancy robots, he eased up a bit.



Leah thought they were pretty cool, and enjoyed her snug ride in her stroller with Daddy pushing her. Of course I would feel protected with such a big handsome man watching out for me too Smile


And of course, we paid $2 for Raleigh to sit on a mechanical dinosaur. I hope he doesn’t think that all dinosaurs had steering wheels sticking out of their backs.


After the dino exhibit, we hit the 4H barns to see the livestock. Raleigh and Adam enjoyed looking at the smallest miniature cow. (It was the first time I had seen one too, and I have to admit, I was pretty impressed)


Of course, Raleigh found the exhibit that had toy tractors. I was only able to coax him away from the tractors and corn by bribing him with what turned out to be an $8 ferris wheel ride.


But before the ferris wheel ride, we had to pry him away from this model tractor/farm exhibit. It took all my Mom-Power to convince Raleigh that he didn’t have to put the red tractor back by the other red tractors.


And we made him wait even longer for the ferris wheel ride so that he could hold a small button quail.  (Yes, the sticker on his arm says “I milked a cow today”, and no, I didn’t wear that same sticker on my thigh into a convenience store later in the day and get weird looks from the cashier…I swear.)


The button quail babies had it pretty good living in their own city.  Turns out all they had to do was handle weird people staring at them all day long.


I got a candid pic of Raleigh and Adam walking together.


And then, I did the Mom thing and made them pose for a picture so that you all could see their adorable little faces.


And, finally, we let Raleigh and Josh ride the ferris wheel. According to Josh, Raleigh liked the ride but not the noise of it. He didn’t mind the heights at all.



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