Fun with the Fam

October 1, 2010

My Aunt Pam was in town the other week, which meant, of course, that my mother was also in town.

We had a great time shopping and visiting.  The kiddos absolutely love it when people visit us (hint, hint rest of our family). They pose for pictures so well (sense the sarcasm here).



Thanks to my Aunt Pam visiting, my baby bro, Corey, decided he could “kill two birds with one stone” and come see our new house and visit Aunt Pam at the same time. He promptly attempted to get the kiddos to pose as THUGS…Leah wasn’t having any of that, but Raleigh just went along with it.


Our “City on the grow” hosted a family friendly event at one of the local elementary schools, so we all went there – even though both of my kids were sickies with snotty noses and coughs. In hindsight we probably should have skipped it.

But the kids had so much fun…




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