Halloween: Costumes

November 1, 2010



Brad the Tooth Fairy (He’s a dentist in real life) and Jamie the Blind Referee


Corey the clown (pretty indicative of his nature if you ask me…he cracks me up! )


Leah the bee, Raleigh the dinosaur, and Reise the racecar driver


Grandma Wanda the bee with Leah sans costume. (we should have gotten a picture of both bees together.


Jamie the swamp person (gator hunter extraordinaire) and Chelsea the fairy princess.


Robin (above) and Karl (below) were static klingy dryer sheets



I was Wilma Flinstone and Josh was a sunflower (costume of his own making)


Karla was an 80’s workout diva


Adam (back to us) was a train engineer and Robin (his mother) was decorated with beautiful fall leaves. She even had leaf earrings on. It was an awesome costume, I wish I would have gotten a better picture of it.


Joel the bridesmaid princess (that is actually a bridesmaid dress that Erika had to wear for a wedding once) and Adam the train engineer.


Erika the judo performer? What do you call someone who is in Judo? I don’t know the word. Judo athlete? Judo artist? Judo fighter? I’m sure Erika will inform me of the correct jargon to use here.

I know I’m missing some other awesome costumes, but I didn’t get pictures of them all.  Next post…the pumpkins!


One Response to “Halloween: Costumes”

  1. Erika Says:

    Nice pics, Shyla! I would go with “martial artist” for my costume. Technically it is a Tae Kwon Do uniform or dobok. 🙂

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