Some talented kids

November 26, 2010


Happy belated Thanksgiving! For your after gluttony-filled feasting day, I put together some amazing photographs of some really talented kids.

Where they get their talent; I do not know. Yes, that is Mr. Potato head’s arm holding a play-doh ball that Raleigh is dangerously balancing between his teeth. Such brave efforts for such a young lad.


And here we have, Leah, showing her amazing skill of trying to fit an entire half-eaten apple in her mouth, while her brother taunts her in the background with what’s left of Mr. Potato Head and her orange play-doh.


And then, we have the amazing tower building skills of Leah (probably with the help of her dad…it’s still a mystery to me). She dares to build such a tall tower in such a vibrantly colored space.


Yes, we did paint our living room wall colors that way on purpose. And I love it, and so does Josh.


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