Sledding in a winter wonderland

December 1, 2010


Before we left to head back home, we stopped by my big bro Dave’s house to partake in some wintery fun events.

Event No 1: See how long you can stare at the ground. Leah won.


Event No 2: See how many kiddies you can fit into one sled. There were no losers in this event.


Event No 3: Try not to hit the tree.  No one lost in this event.


Event No 4: Wear a Jester hat in the middle of winter while driving a 4 wheeler. Tyler won this event.


Event No 5: Look cute and cozy. Leah won this event.


Event No 6: Look cute and cozy while your grandma is holding you. Guess who won this one?


Event No 7: Look like the luck dragon from the Never Ending Story. Mich won this one.


Event No 8: Look manly and cozy. It was a tie between Josh and my Dad.


Event No 9: Try to evade your captors by walking around the tall stack of wood. Leah kept attempting this event but never quite got away from her captors.


Event No 10: Look cute an cozy while your grandpa holds you. Hmm, I wonder who won this one?


Event No 11: Hold on to the swing with mittens and a full snow suit on without falling off. Leah won this event.


Event No. 12: Flip off the rings while wearing a full snow suit. Raleigh won this one.(see next three pictures)




Event No 13: See how many cute adorable awesome fantastic kids you can get on one 4 wheeler. Again, no losers in this event.



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