Hello my name is Raleigh, and I like to do drawrings…

December 6, 2010

Raleigh’s been a bit more creative in his drawings lately.  He likes drawing these little guys with so many eyes stacked on top of each other and wearing hats that have arms.


In this next one, you can see his use of color is amazing. Some lines start one color but end a totally different color.


and this one, wow, maybe we should stop letting him play Mario. Ok, j/k, this one was drawn by  me. Can you tell that those college art classes paid off?


I believe that Leah added a bit of orange squigglies to the picture below.


And I can’t tell if this is one guy with a ton of hats without arms or a bunch of guys stacked on top of each other without arms.


Anyway, these drawings obviously mean that my son is the greatest arteeest ever!


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