Not too exciting around here…

December 18, 2010


…but we are having fun.  My brother, Corey, has moved in with us while he gets settled here in Fargo.  Leah and Raleigh think that he is their permanent play-toy.  He is a monkey-magnet. Seriously, the kids think that he’s a play-gym.


Leah is getting bigger and speaking more and more lately. She is a very demanding little girl. I can only hope that this means that her teenage years are less demanding (Just let me think that for a while, don’t you dare try to tell me otherwise. I’ll not have it)

She says things like:

“No, you lay down.” ( I do not have the heart to correct her grammar yet)

“Pillow, pillow” – When she wants her head on a pillow.

“Raleigh, time out!” – When she doesn’t want Raleigh to do something.

“Give back!” – When Raleigh takes a toy from her.

“Water….want ice, want ice” – When she is thirsty enough to take a drink and then wants to play with the ice cubes.

“Want a bath…” – when she climbs into the tub on her own.

“Corey, dinner time!” – When we’re sitting down for dinner and Corey hasn’t yet joined us.


She definitely keeps things interesting around here.

Raleigh is enjoying preschool. He already has a little girl that chases him around the kids’ gym. I asked him what happens when she catches him and he replied, “I run away.”

He is more and more into drawing and he creates the coolest little creatures that wear hats and have 4 or 5 eyes. I think I posted about them a week or so ago.  And lately, he is really into playing Mario on the Wii. ( Shhh…don’t tell my employer.)

And it’s just the weirdest thing lately…the kids have started attempting to make their own totem poles.


Ok, I made that last bit up. I’m not sure they know what totem poles are, but this picture above reminds me of one.


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