Blizzard # 2 in Two Days

January 1, 2011


The second blizzard in the past two days is reeking its final havoc as I write this post. It is supposed to be officially over at Noon today, leaving us to clean up its mess. I took some pictures this morning of our predicament due to the heavy winds. Yesterday, the snow drifted two thirds up my front door and took me 1.5 hours to clear it away. This second blizzard seems to have redid what I had undone from what the first blizzard did.

When we went to bed last night, we noticed this lovely red truck, however powerful it was supposed to be, stuck in the snow on the road in front of our house. It was still there this morning.






2 Responses to “Blizzard # 2 in Two Days”

  1. montaguemc@sbcglobal,net Says:

    Reeking? I didn’t know a snowstorm could stink.

  2. montaguemc@sbcglobal,net Says:

    Sorry about the duplicate, I couldn’t see that the first one was posted. We had our first snow in about three years last night. It is all gone by this morning.So I am jealous.

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