The girls of the house

January 4, 2011

Now, this is a rarity! No, I’m not talking about my daughter’s blue blue eyes.


I’m talking about a picture of me on this blog. It doesn’t happen all to often.  But, here goes…


Raleigh would have been in these pictures if he hadn’t ran to his room like the little rascal that he is. You’d think the boy would be comfortable with cameras by now. He shouldn’t have a fear of the camera, it’s not like it’s been shoved in his face since he was born…oh wait…


Oh, well, I guess you’re going to have to be content with girly pictures.


Don’t be fooled by these pictures, I’m actually raving mad in them, only a good actress such as myself could hold such a happy smile on her face while her boy was hiding from the camera and her daughter was trying to squirm away from it.


Nah, I’m just fooling you…I am pretty happy in these pics.



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