Leah’s 2nd Birthday

January 14, 2011


First, let’s look at her birthday cake. I forgot to take a picture of it before we started eating it, so you’ll have to do with this one.  It was a strawberry box cake mix made with a can of diet cherry 7-up instead of oil and eggs. Josh topped it with cool whip, berries and crushed pretzels. It was yummy!


Leah sure enjoyed it.


After cake, Raleigh watched patiently while Leah opened her presents.


Above, she’s opening up a cuddly poodle that is wearing a purple sweatshirt. I wish I had taken a better photo of it because it is hilarious. It has it’s tongue sticking out as if it’s dead but it still has a cheery expression. Leah loved it.  She also loved the accessories that came with it. A cool pair of sunglasses and a purse that matches. Grandma Deb must be trying to get a jump start on counteracting Leah’s Mom’s poor style genes.



She also got the hungry caterpillar book, which we all have enjoyed reading a few times since she opened it. Not to spoil the ending for you but…the caterpillar sure goes through a transformation. The character arc in this book is awesome!


And of course, with a face still dirty from eating cake, Raleigh had to have his go at wearing the poodle’s accessories.


Leah also got a Dora mermaid doll. In the picture below she’s quite perplexed and can’t figure out why Dora is half fish half dora.


She quickly got over her worries about the strange Dora and didn’t want to let her go. You can see in the picture below how upset she is that Raleigh took Dora the mermaid away to be freight for his dump truck. Seriously…there were tears.


It’s OK, she got her back and showed her just how mush she missed her by holding her up by her hair. We may need to talk to her about how we treat our friends.



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