Lately the goings on

February 24, 2011

So, we’ve had our new pup, Murdoch, for almost a week now. He is still as cute as can be and we are happy dog owners.


The kids are getting used to him and showing him affection in ways that probably confuse the little pup.


Murdoch is learning quickly about what happens to our kitchen floor during meal times. Our floor has never been cleaner constantly throughout the day.


Raleigh has been playing the Xbox Kinect lately and, by the looks of the picture below, dressing himself too. In this picture, he’s waving at the Kinect sensor so that it recognizes him. He can turn on the Xbox, put in the game that he wants to play and navigate correctly to the game arena. It just comes naturally to him.


This a-Dora-ble line of stickers was Raleigh’s creation during his supposed nap time one day.


We’ve also been battling with head-chest colds these past two weeks and our little Leah seems to have the brunt of it. She is extra cuddly and I have never had so much of someone else’s snot on my cheek, shoulder, and legs before this past week.


She handles her cold well though and remains happy and playful most of the time.



One Response to “Lately the goings on”

  1. Leslie Says:

    Raleigh’s wearing the noodle socks! Oh, how I love my noodle socks!

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