Same ol’ goings on

March 1, 2011


We’re not taking trips anywhere. We’re not building anything for the house. We’re just living. Raleigh carries his blue blanket that Chelsea made him almost everywhere in the house. He’s not as attached to it as he was, but the world would end if he didn’t get to sleep with that blanket at night.


Murdoch is finding lots of stuff to chew on, but we’re pretty on top of things and we immediately trade what he has in his mouth for something more appropriate for him to chew on.


Leah is going through a climbing phase and wants to “be up high” all the time. Either she wants me to carry her, or she wants to stand on our furniture.


The kids enjoy Murdoch and it’s funny when they try to talk to him and expect him to understand them. I’ll have to get it on video one of these days.


Murdoch still has his cute nose freckles.


Josh and I are watching what we eat more. Josh is working out more, but I haven’t jumped onto that bandwagon yet.  We’re both seeing results, which makes me happy, and makes Josh lift the kids as if they were weights while looking in to the mirror more often. I couldn’t pass up this picture perfect moment.


Don’t worry, I rescued Leah and Dora immediately after I took this picture.



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