Animals everywhere

March 8, 2011

This past weekend was one full of animals. There was Roosevelt (a.k.a Rosie) who came over to hang out with Murdoch on Saturday night after us adults had yummy sushi.

They truly are playing. Don’t believe the pictures with the snarly looking teeth.


Or the ear biting.


Or the leash tethering.


And then there were kitties. Well, I only have pictures of one kitty (Cooper). Tucker, Jamie’s other cat, was a bit camera-shy. I was tasked with feeding and loving the cats while Jamie and Brad were in Las Vegas (I know, must be rough for them…).


Leah and Raleigh had fun with Cooper, Leah probably had more fun.


Raleigh had more fun playing with the Cooper and Tucker’s toys. In the picture below, half his body is stuck inside the cats’ cardboard box fort thingy.


And, then there was Murdoch. The cutest pooch ever staring up at me with his blue-gray eyes and his freckly nose.



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