A Tioga Weekend

July 25, 2011

What a fun weekend!

We spent it with my family and had a blast! Friday night, we enjoyed grapes on the beach.


Leah practiced her sour-frowny face.IMG_8563

…and she pointed out the boats to us.


Sam and Raleigh had fun playing with letters on Grandma’s fridge.


Leah was stung by a mosquito on her eyelid…and…it swelled up a bit.


Sam had fun squirting fish.


Raleigh had fun pretending to drown…ok…he just threw his hands in the air and it seems like he was drowning.



He was actually fine.


Grandma took her favorite spot…in a floaty…on the lake.


Tyler snorkeled and Raleigh splashed him. What? oh, really, you don’t need a play by play of all these photos, fine, suit your self.


I can’t not comment on this one. OMG look at her eyelid!! And those yummy yummy black olives.


And these weirdos seem to make it into a photo. We’ll have to instruct Jed the bouncer guy to not let people like this get close to us anymore.


Pssst… we really don’t have a bouncer named Jed. In fact, we don’t have a bouncer at all.

DJ risked life and limb to jump off the dock.


and he survived.

Phwew…it was a close one.IMG_8683

We were semi-successful in getting a picture of all the kiddos at once. My brother’s kids seem to know when to smile. Leah, however, has had the camera stuffed in her face too much and has built up a defense mechanism that automatically turns her heads away when the shutter opens.


Grandpa capped off the weekend with some fishing advice for DJ and Tyler.


It was a great weekend.


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