Late to the party

October 2, 2011

This first picture of Raleigh sums up how these past few weeks have been. A little funny, a little weird, and a little messed up.



Josh and I have been nursing some head/chest colds for the past two weeks. Neither of us remember ever being this sick before.

I’ve harvested produce from our raised garden beds. The carrots seemed to be the cream of the crop this year.


We’ve been making lots of apple-y recipes lately. I’ve had three different people give me bags of apples in the past three weeks. We’ve made apple cake, dehydrated apple slices, and apple sauce so far. We only have about a bag of apples left now.


One of my coworkers got married and we got to bring the kids to the wedding. It was the best wedding ever to bring kids to…the ceremony lasted only just over 2 minutes.


My little brother, Corey, came to visit again. He was transitioning jobs and got to stay with us for a week or so between jobs.


The kids really miss him. And me too.


We bought a lovesac for our reading area downstairs and the kids love it so far.


And knowing that winter is coming, we’ve been trying to spend as much time outside as possible lately.


Leah is becoming more friendly with the camera, and she is growing up too quickly.


We had a rummage sale, our first ever, and Leah was a huge help. She kept finding stuff from the sale to wear around.


Raleigh started preschool again and so far he says that he has four friends…Ayden, Louie, Sophia, and I forget the fourth one.



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