Before we left to head back home, we stopped by my big bro Dave’s house to partake in some wintery fun events.

Event No 1: See how long you can stare at the ground. Leah won.


Event No 2: See how many kiddies you can fit into one sled. There were no losers in this event.


Event No 3: Try not to hit the tree.  No one lost in this event.


Event No 4: Wear a Jester hat in the middle of winter while driving a 4 wheeler. Tyler won this event.


Event No 5: Look cute and cozy. Leah won this event.


Event No 6: Look cute and cozy while your grandma is holding you. Guess who won this one?


Event No 7: Look like the luck dragon from the Never Ending Story. Mich won this one.


Event No 8: Look manly and cozy. It was a tie between Josh and my Dad.


Event No 9: Try to evade your captors by walking around the tall stack of wood. Leah kept attempting this event but never quite got away from her captors.


Event No 10: Look cute an cozy while your grandpa holds you. Hmm, I wonder who won this one?


Event No 11: Hold on to the swing with mittens and a full snow suit on without falling off. Leah won this event.


Event No. 12: Flip off the rings while wearing a full snow suit. Raleigh won this one.(see next three pictures)




Event No 13: See how many cute adorable awesome fantastic kids you can get on one 4 wheeler. Again, no losers in this event.



Jamie’s birthday party

September 29, 2010

My best friend, Jamie, had her 28th birthday on a few weeks ago, and her Fiancé decided to skip out on it (OK, he had some sort of work excuse, but that’s not the point), so we celebrated in style with some delicious ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. IMHO, DQ cakes are the first and best ice cream cakes ever. None of those fancy shmancy cakes from Cold Stone Creamery can even begin to compete with the memory-invoking, fudgy crumby filled deliciousness of the standard DQ ice cream cake.

Ok, but back to the topic at hand…our reason to buy this delicious ice cream cake. Jamie’s birthday.


We even forced her to blow out the candles.  And another cause for celebration…It was the first time we completely filled up our new kitchen table with people.


Raleigh and Leah did have their own plates, but Raleigh finished his so quickly, he decided that Leah should share hers with him. Immediately after all cake was consumed, the kiddos enjoyed a squeaky clean bath.


All in all, it was a great night with great people (You can see that my Aunt Pam and Mom were visiting as well, I’ll post another day about their visit)