My mother-in-law has been working on a beautiful baby outfit for Raleigh since before he was born. For you knitters out there, she was making a Dale of Norway pattern using needles as small as sizes 0, 1, and 2.

This outfit will be an heirloom and is truly beautiful. In some of the pictures below, my hair got in the way of the flash, so for example, one of the arms of the sweater looks darker than the other. And the pants look like they have darker areas on them, which is not the case. The picture of Raleigh wearing the outfit is the best rendition of the true colors of the outfit.

Raleigh's Knit Outfit copy

And here are some more photos of Raleigh in his outfit.

Knits by Deb 2007 042

Knits by Deb 2007 033

Knits by Deb 2007 029

Knits by Deb 2007 044


Knitted things

December 30, 2007

2007 005

My mother-in-law knitted these fingerless gloves for me for my birthday. Aren’t they cute!

2007 011 

I knitted this hat while Josh and his dad watched a "Talking Heads" concert on Netflix.

Earlier that night, Josh and I went to see "The Golden Compass" with Jamie, Chelsea, and Erika. This hat pattern is similar to the pattern worn by the lead child actress "Lyra" in that movie.

The Hat that Grandma Deb Made

December 10, 2007

Ok, well, we aren’t really off to see any so-called wizard, but we are off to visit my father in the hospital tomorrow. He’s having elbow surgery…and if you know my dad, you know that this is a big deal for him. The only reason he ever…and I mean EVER…goes to see a doctor is to get a yearly physical so that he can still carry the special drivers license that allows him to drive the big caterpillar machinery, back hoes and dump trucks for his job.

So, you know what this means…yup, no blog for another week probably. So, to make up for the lack of blogs for the next week, each time you visit my blog you can look at a picture of Raleigh and a handmade gift that he received from friends and family. Enjoy!

Raleigh is lying on a crocheted afghan that my sister-in-law’s mother made for him.

Raleigh is lying on an amazing quilt that my friend Chelsea made for him. One side is made of these beautiful squares and the other side is made of this amazing fuzzy baby fabric. She also made him a toy blanket that has different textured ribbons all around it…And she made a mini quilt with the cutest monkeys on it.

My best friend Jamie made this fleece tie blanket for Raleigh.

Mary, a very dear family friend knit this wonderful wool hat.

The blue elephant fleece tie blanket was made by my cousin Kayla.

This afghan was crocheted by a friend of mine from work.

This tie quilt and knit blanket were made by my sister-in-law who is about to have her own little baby boy and day now.

The Knit blaket and cute knit baby stuffed animals were made by my mother-in-law. I am just in love with those animals! They are too darn cute!

It doesn’t fit just yet, but this adorable apple hat was made by another friend from work.

I have so many talented people in my life! Thank you everyone for sharing your talents with us!