And…one year later

May 29, 2013

Memorial weekend 2013. I felt it was time to get back into posting on my blog. Spending less time on Reddit will be good for my well being, plus Blogging helps me to feel productive.


I’ve been landscaping some more…and obviously injuring myself because I don’t wear work gloves when I should.  This whole area of mulch was once sod, and I have some lilies planted in the small corner in the back. Now I need to keep going with the mulch until I get to the back fence.


We’ve been incorporating craft time into the kids’ daily routine more and they love it!


We spent the Saturday before the 4th of July at Erika and Joel’s house and Adam’s parents brought kiddie fireworks (snaps, pops and the moving tank, etc.) Adam and Leah don’t like loud noises, but Raleigh and Chelsea didn’t mind them.


On that same Saturday, we all went for a walk to Island Park and found that they had just installed the largest playground ever. That was a nice surprise.


Leah liked the diggers.WP_000507

We found some of Erika’s old toys from when she was younger. The cabbage patch doll’s jersey seemed to somewhat fit Raleigh.WP_000521

Raleigh’s been dressing himself again. He was trying to look like Link from Zelda. But I think he looks kind of thuggish.


Leah drew on her face this morning. Josh took advantage and had her quote a line from the Joker (See the video link at the bottom of this post).


We also had Belgian waffles this morning. They were delish!


Click on the link below, if you’ve seen Batman: The Dark Knight. This is Leah’s impression of the Joker.

A week or so ago, the kids, Josh, and I went to Buffalo State Park to swim in the watering hole and to take a tiny hike.


Leah practiced jumping in shallow water, while Raleigh built a sandcastle.


We found some old dandelions along the way and the kids had fun blowing away their seeds.



We took time to pose for some pics.



And we conned the kids into running fast down trails.



Over all, it is a really nice state park that is less than a half hour away from us. We will be returning there this summer. 🙂


May 12, 2011

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We found the bubble gun

March 24, 2011

When my in-laws were in town last week, we looked everywhere for this bubble gun that they gave the kids for Valentine’s day. I think it was the day that they left that we found it.  My brother Corey kids had a blast with the bubble gun.






Furniture fun

March 21, 2011

Raleigh threw back to the old days by lining up our dining table chairs again. He used to do this in our old house, but now he has a bit more room to do it in and nicer chairs to play with.

Now, he has a sister who can benefit from his furniture arrangements too!




Working 9 to 5

March 19, 2011

Last weekend, I went to my parents’ house to help them with some painting and organizing.

One of the upstairs bedrooms was painted a few different shades of a dark green. So, I helped paint over it with Linen white.


Even the ceiling was painted green.

Afterwards, we moved my Mom’s loom upstairs. This room is now officially her craft room.


And the other room upstairs is a great guest bedroom that I know we’ll use whenever we’re there.